Renae Luton

Renae graduated from the University of Western Sydney with an undergraduate degree in Applied Science (Osteopathy) and a Masters of Osteopathy and has been working at Beech Health since 2010. Since graduating Renae is continuing her Osteopathy journey by undertaking study in the Phases of Biodynamics in the cranial field and Paediatrics.

A healthy lifestyle, enjoyment in physical activity and sport are all passions of Renae’s, all of which are reflected in her care of patients. Renae sees patients of all ages, particularly children, adolescents and sports related injuries. “After suffering multiple sports related injuries as a teenager I believe in prevention, before the need for treatment of an injury is required.” Renae treats using both direct and indirect techniques to maximize a person’s musculoskeletal biomechanics and achieve optimal health.

In her time away from work Renae is either watching sport or outside exercising with her black Labrador Nixon.

Katie Nancarrow

Katie studied her undergraduate degree of Clinical Science (major of Osteopathy) and Masters of Osteopathic Medicine at Southern Cross University in the Northern Rivers, a hub of holistic health practices. In 2016 she resettled in Newcastle to enjoy a proximity to family and beautiful beaches, and work at Beech Health. During her Masters, Katie contributed to research on the teaching of anatomy, while pursuing extra courses in cranio-sacral therapy. “I love osteopathy because it is the modality that, I believe, offers the best understanding and treatment of health and pain.”

In addition to work, Katie enjoys messing around with the guitar and drawing pencils, not to mention eating her way through Darby Street.

Don Hunter

Don graduated in 2003 from the University of Western Sydney with an undergraduate degree in Applied Science (Osteopathy) and a Master of Osteopathy. Don has worked in Newcastle since graduation and founded Beech Health in January, 2008. Don has continued his Osteopathic journey by undertaking the Phases of Biodynamics and multiple osteopathy in the cranial field courses. Don is also pursuing his own research at the University of Newcastle.

Don has a particular interest in the role Osteopathy can play with sports. Don played at national level Touch football in his twenties and tried out for state teams in 2 other sports. He also trained, and travelled with two international tennis players. Keeping fit and healthy is a priority and Don enjoys many different physical activities. Don sees patients of all ages, all professions and backgrounds and always emphasizes the client participating in their own health.