Renae Luton

Renae graduated from the University of Western Sydney with an undergraduate degree in Applied Science (Osteopathy) and a Masters of Osteopathy and has been working at Beech Health since 2010. Since graduating Renae is continuing her Osteopathy journey by undertaking study in the Phases of Biodynamics in the cranial field and Paediatrics.

A healthy lifestyle, enjoyment in physical activity and sport are all passions of Renae’s, all of which are reflected in her care of patients. Renae sees patients of all ages, particularly children, adolescents and sports related injuries. “After suffering multiple sports related injuries as a teenager I believe in prevention, before the need for treatment of an injury is required.” Renae treats using both direct and indirect techniques to maximize a person’s musculoskeletal biomechanics and achieve optimal health.

In her time away from work Renae is either watching sport or outside exercising with her black Labrador Nixon.

Stefani Kralj

Stefani completed her studies at Victoria University in Melbourne, with a bachelor in Health Science (Clinical Science) and a Master of Health Science (Osteopathy). During her studies Stefani participated in researching the health literacy of patients attending student-run osteopathic clinics. In her final year of study, she pursued a course of advanced dry needling and kinesiology taping, whilst working in a supporting role for an allied health practice. Osteopathy assisted Stefani to recover from a car accident in her 20s, influencing her decision to begin studying Osteopathy in 2010.

In 2019, Stefani chose to re-settle in Newcastle with her husband, hunting the Hunter for the perfect cup of coffee and exploring local cross-country trails. Outside work, Stefani tends to her ‘many’ succulent plants and messes around making exercises I-movies.

Monica Moussally

Monica graduated from the RMIT University with a double bachelors in Health Science and Applied Science (Osteopathy). Prior to this Monica also completed an Undergraduate degree in Medical Radiations (Radiation Therapy). During her years of studying osteopathy she was fortunate to work as a Sports Trainer at St Albans local football club, where she provided immediate first aid for injured athletes during games. Monica’s interest in human body functions as well as her desire to help people improve their health and achieve their desired health outcomes is what led her to a career in Osteopathy.

Monica tends to have a direct approach to her treatments, including but not limited to soft tissue, stretching and joint mobilization techniques, with the focus on producing long term changes. To achieve optimal results with her patients, Monica likes to encourage her patients to be proactive about their health and also educates her patients on self management strategies to help manage their pain outside of the clinic.

Outside of work Monica likes travelling, experimenting in the kitchen and sketching.

Thom Adcock

Born and raised on the Sunshine Coast, Thom attended Victoria University, graduating with a Bachelor of Science (Clinical Science) and Masters of Health Science (Osteopathy) in 2018. His thesis reviewed the efficacy of injectable therapy for knee osteoarthritis- a developing and ground-breaking field for symptomatic pain relief.

Thomas is a structural osteopath who regularly relies on direct osteopathic techniques. Whilst he offers individualised management, he aims to provide symptomatic relief, improve range of motion restrictions and improve strength/stability. He places a high priority on manual therapy, and time working with a Victorian Football League club and the Ladies Pro Golf Association saw him develop a passion for physical and rehabilitative therapy for athletes and the general population.

Thom is a lover of all sports in particular rugby union and golf. After suffering from hip conditions, resulting in surgery- Thom developed a keen interest in treatment and management of weight bearing joints (foot, ankle, knee, hip, pelvis, spine). Thomas has a strong belief in osteopathic principles; that the body holds all the tools for self-healing, maintenance and regulation- and how osteopathy can assist you in stream lining these healing processes, so that you may restore health and return to your chosen activity as soon as possible.

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